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I grew up in a small town in Schuylkill County of Pennsylvania. Like most rural parts of the United States, there wasn't very many exciting places to go without traveling. So I spent most of my time swimming in the pool and playing various sports (basketball being my favorite). At a young age my parents bought the family our first computer. Besides playing games and drawing in MS Paint, there wasn't much to do until we got the internet. Then I spent more time on the computer doing typical teen things like AOL Instant Messenger and online gaming with the introduction of Xbox Live.

At the age of 13 my dad bought me my first car, a 1966 Chevy II. Of course, it didn't come to me in a "road-ready" condition. I was told if I wanted to drive when I came of age, I needed to get it ready to drive with his help. The engine had an over-heating problem, even after the previous owner rebuilt it, the front wheel alignment was way off, the windshield had a crack, and it lacked an interior (which also had holes in the floor panels). Despite this, I was eager to get it ready as fast as my dad could find and afford the parts. This experience filled me with a desire to become a mechanic at a young age. I attempted to sign up for a vocational school while attending high school but the automotive class filled up faster than I was able to apply for it. I was offered to take another similar course for my first year, then take one more year after high school to complete my education. As a spiteful, arrogant youth I rejected this and told myself I would go to college instead and aim for a career in teaching math.

I attended college at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. When I received my acceptance it was for the summer and spring semesters, giving me the fall semester off. My older brother was living in Texas at the time working in sales for a roofing company at the time and offered for me to move down there and help out after the string of Hurricanes that hit Texas in 2008. After this experience, I changed course for a degree in Business Marketing. While attending Bloomsburg University I met and fell in love with, my now wife. After both of our graduations we moved to Philadelphia, bought a home, and have stayed here since. In 2019 we welcomed our first child into the world.


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While I was attending college I got a job at a beer distributor in town. With time I was able to get a job as manager of the store. During my time there the store got its own website and mobile app. My time there led me to a position in outside sales for a beer whole-seller in the area. This had us briefly move to Williamsport, PA. As my wife was only able to find work outside of Philadelphia, we relocated and I took a job in investment real estate. There I worked in acquiring properties for the sales staff to market to investors. I simplified my work by using spreadsheets to quickly evaluate which properties were listed at a value to make them worth considering. It was around this time that my love of technology really took off. So I moved into a sales position at a wireless communications provider, with hopes to advance into the local marketing department. I wasn't there long before the company reorganized and the local marketing team was disbanded. So I considered my options and learned that my job offered a free course for CompTIA A+ certifications. I completed the course but had an opportunity to take a new job as a project manager for a company offering web development to its clients and never completed the testing for the certification.

We designed, developed, and hosted websites for a variety of clients. I specifically worked on projects for a banking client, more specifically on their credit card and automotive offerings. I worked closely alongside designers, interface engineers, and software engineers in the building of sites. As well as quality assurance testers. Holding internals meetings with the team helped me to spark an interest in coding. In 2020, I was one of the many millions of people that lost their job during the pandemic. With few job openings available, I decided to look at this as a great opportunity to further educate myself in programming to better my understanding and add to my skill set. Having done this, in future project managment positions I'll be able to communicate better internally with my team and better understand the work of those around me.